U C MAS™ meets the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000 CERTIFIED at Malaysia.

Collaboration with: Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik UC MAS Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia & Zhusuan Association, China.

Thousands of R & D professors in China and Japan concentrate on this project to train up the students.

Our know-how is guarded by Professors of China.


UCMAS is truly Global with the presence in 78 Countries, covering all the 5 continents.   This is more than enough to understand it’s worthiness and how successful the program is. UCMAS Maldives is the first and only Abacus institution in the Maldives, which has trained over 7500 students so far and still increasing day-to-day, through it’s tens of centres spread across the nation.

Having brought this novel concept to Maldives for children aged 4-14 years , for the first time in 2006, we are pioneers in using Abacus – as a time tested tool for children. We have proven experience in its usage and have found that the abacus could be instrumental in developing whole brain and lifetime skills. In other words – the use of abacus has been refined by UCMAS to develop the mental capabilities of children enrolled with us. Our expertise lies in training to place the abacus flat on a table or one’s lap or manipulation of its beads with the fingers. We recognize that proper finger technique is paramount in achieving proficiency in the abacus. We ensure children put their thumb, index finger and the middle fingers to optimum use. By this, our children are well-equipped in speed, accuracy and concentration which are very important for any learning and competitions.

The ONLY Organization teaming up with Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik U C MAS Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia and the Association of Chinese Zhusuan, China to organize international Mental Arithmetic Grading Examination in Maldives.

The ONLY Organization, selected by The Ministry of Education, Malaysia to train the Government Teacher Training College Teachers, in order to successfully implement in School in the year of 2000 as the school curriculum in Malaysia.

Member In

The World Association for the Education of Younger Children, USA. (NAEYC)

Member In

Chinese Zhusuan Association – China.


China Board Calculation Association, China.

U C MAS™ at the Prime Minister’s Office, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

U C MAS™ was specially invited to present its excellent achievement to YAB Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed at the Prime Minister’s Office, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The only programme approved and certified

The only programme approved and certified by the two major Mental Arithmetic and Abacus institutes of the world, which are Chinese Utility Abacus Research Society (Taiwan) and Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Association.

Our curriculum

The curriculum is planned and designed according to the international standard equivalent to the Association of Chinese Zhusuan, China.

Our Syllabus

The Syllabus is guarded by the PPK Malaysia, (Curriculum Department, Ministry of Education, Malaysia) and BPG Malaysia (Teacher Training Department, Ministry of Education, Malaysia)

U C MAS™ – A Global organization: