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Develop your children brain
UCMAS stands for Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System

It is a whole brain development programme for normal children aged 4-14 years.

Enhances lifetime skills such as concentration, creativity, listening and photographic memory, to name a few.

Enables children to discover and bring out their hidden potential.

Initially we use the ancient wonder tool called the "Abacus"

Successfully removes the fear of arithmetic and gradually makes arithmetic fun-loving.

The same syllabus is followed all over the world, besides Maldives. Children enrolled at UCMAS - Maldives centers are transferable throughout the Maldives.

Every year meritorious Maldivesn students are sponsored for overseas Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competitions.

The only program approved and certified by two major Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Institutes of the world ie The Chinese Utility Abacus Research Society (Taiwan) and Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Association .

UCMAS - Maldives provides Certificates of international repute.

It is not a system parallel to School Curriculum in Maldives but complements it. However our course material and training methodology is accepted by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia and is implemented as part of its school curriculum.

In addition to Maldives, U C MAS programme is available in several countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Brunei, USA, Australia and United Arab Emirates (UAE)